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Lyon Ad Media

... offers a wide range of Digital Marketing solutions for companies looking to expand their businesses and improve their positioning in front of both online and offline audiences in both the local and international markets.

At Lyon Ad Media we understand the needs of each client and for that we have developed products to fit your needs.


  • We provides access to premium inventory with the most variety of offer types, audiences, countries and channels.

  • We offer dedicated account management, with real time follow up, optimization and campaign insight that will help you to get the most out of your investment.

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Lyon Ad Media will help you increase your profit by monetizing your inventory with relevant advertising.

With billions of monthly impressions and hundreds of top ranked advertisers we can provide the most competitive rates, helping you to improve your earnings with a wide variety of offer types, channels and targeted audiences.

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  • Lyon Ad Media is an online marketing network with partners in Europe, Latin America, Oceania and Asia.

  • We work every day to deliver the most competitive offers to all of our customers and publishers, aiming to long term and strong partnerships. We deliver personalized services combined with the best available business plans for you and your company.

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HD Platform

High Duck is the most versatile tracking tool of the market. It offers solutions to mask ad tags, track impressions and clicks from your campaigns in real time.

Also you can login access to the client to see all the data in real time too. With this amazing tool you can share a general view from the campaigns and take the control of your own numbers.

The better functionality is that you can protect all your advs & pubs by masking the tags you generate from HD.

From the moment you deliver the tag to your publisher or load it on any AdServer, you can monitor the delivered impressions second by second.

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We have the ability to offer a wide range of services, from high volume campaigns to campaigns with specific audiences.

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